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95276 50100
0253 - 2316200
To operate as a world – class heart hospital, incorporating the latest technological advances and ethical practices to provide quality heart care at reasonable cost.
The hospital was started to set a benchmark in quality care, ethical practice, reasonable costs and training for those in the profession.
Meals, bedding and clothing, all rooms are provided with telephone facilities, patient counseling, 24 - hour pharmacy shop.

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Plot no. 3/5, Laxmi Nagar,
Patil Lane No. 1, Near K. B. H. Vidyalaya,
Opp. Vasant Market, Canada Corner,
Nashik-422005, (MH) India

Tel. : 0253 - 2316200 / 1 / 3 / 4
Fax. : 0253 - 2316203
Email : magnumheartinstitute@gmail.com

Our Doctors


Sr.No. Consultant Qualification Specialization
01. Dr. Manoj B. Chopda MD, DM Interventional Cardiologist
02. Dr.Rashmi M. Chopda MBBS,DHM Physician
03. Dr.Manaklal Chopda MD Pediatrician
04. Dr. Deepak Sapkale MD Anesthetist
05. Dr. Manjiri Madnoorkar MD Anesthetist
06. Dr. Pankaj Gupta MD Anesthetist
07. Dr. Vinod M. Vijan MD, DM Cardiologist
08. Dr. Kunal Gupte MD, DM Cardiologist
09. Dr. Nitin Ghaisas MD Cardiologist
10. Dr. Kaushal Pande MS, Mch Cardiothoracic Surgeon
11. Dr. Vidyut Kumar Sinha MS, Mch Cardiothoracic Surgeon
12. Dr. Yogesh Belapurkar MS, Mch Cardiothoracic Surgeon
13. Dr. V. R. Karmarkar MS, Mch Cardiothoracic Surgeon
14. Dr. B. K. Mutha MD Chest Physician
15. Dr. Anirban Bandopaddhyaya MD Chest Physician
16. Dr. Bharat R. Trivedi MD Chest Physician
17. Dr. Vaishali Chopda BDS Dentist
18. Dr. Deepak Burkul MD Diabetology
19. Dr. Sujit A. Chandratreya MD Endochrinologist
20. Dr. Vinay P. Kulkarni MS ENT Surgeon
21. Dr. Nitin Borse MD, DM, DNB Gastroenterology
22. Dr. Mahadeo H. Pawar MD General Medicine
23. Dr. Manohar P. Karad MS General Surgeon
24. Dr. Pramod Shinde MS General Surgeon
25. Dr. Harshad Mahatme MS General Surgeon
26. Dr. Pritish Junagadhe MD Haematologist
27. Dr. Devikumar Kelkar MD Nephrologist
28. Dr. Deodatta S.Chafekar MD, DM, DNB Nephrologist
29. Dr. Shekhar S. Chirmade MS, Mch Neuro Surgeon
30. Dr. Koshey George MS, Mch Neuro Surgeon
31. Dr. Manoj N.Gulhane MD, DM Neurologist
32. Dr. Rahul Baviskar MD, DM Neurologist
33. Dr. Nagesh S. Madnoorkar MS, DNB Onco Surgeon
34. Dr. Satish Patil MBBS, DOMS, DNB Opthalmalogist
35. Dr. Shubhangi Pimprikar MBBS, DOMS Opthalmalogist
36. Dr. Milind V.Pimprikar MS Orthopaedics
37. Dr. Aniket Shah MS, DNB Orthopaedics
38. Dr. Hemant Chaudhari MS Orthopaedics
39. Dr. Sudhir M. Sankalecha MD Pathologist
40. Dr. Krishna Kumar MD, DM Pediatric Cardiologist
41. Dr. Babulal Agrawal MS, Mch Pediatric Surgeon
42. Dr. Manoj Kadam MD Pediatrician
43. Dr. Rahul G Patil MD Physician
44. Dr. Sameer Pekhale MD Physician
45. Dr. Manoj Chitale MD Physician
46. Dr. Manohar Ketkar MD Physician
47. Dr. Rajendra Y. Nehete MS, Mch Plastic Surgeon
48. Dr. Dayanand MS, Mch Plastic Surgeon
49. Dr. Sanjay S. Desle MB, DMRD, DNB Radiologist
50. Dr. Manoj B. Chaudhari MB, DMRD Radiologist
51. Dr. Vidya Gosavi MD Radiologist
52. Dr. Kishor D. Wani MS, Mch Uro Surgeon
53. Dr. Sharadchandra Prasad MS, Mch Uro Surgeon
54. Dr. Nandan Vilekar MS Uro Surgeon